s c r e e n  p r i n t i n g
c h e m i c a l  e t c h i n g
d i g i t a l  i m a g i n g
m u l t i - c o l o r  a n o d i z ing
C N C  p u n c h i n g  &  s h e a r i n g

Screen  P r i n t i n g
Also known as silkscreening, this imaging method offers great richness of color and precision.  It is very versatile, and by using the proper ink, can be very durable.

Chemical E t c h i n g
Used mostly on stainless steel, this process yields the ultimate in durability, chemical and abrasion resistance.  It also conveys a “quality” look to the product.

Digital I m a g i n g
This is the newest imaging method in Product Identification, Signage and Dispays.  Using mostly inkjet technology, this process is outstanding for short runs and “personalizing” products.

Multi-color  A n  o d  i z i  n g
Also called Metalphoto® and photo-imaging, this process offers outstanding durability on aluminum.  
It also meets almost every Military specification for marking.
 P  R  O  C  E  S  S  E  S
  Color Matching
CNC  P u n c h i n g
Very fast and extremely accurate, CNC punching yields holes that are exact in size and location, and can often eliminate tooling charges by being able to “nibble” irregularly-sized or large holes using existing tooling.

CNC & Photo-Optical Shearing
these two processes offer great precision and the ability to cut the part registering perfectly with the image.

Laser Cutting
This method yields extreme versatility and accuracy in cutting irregularly shaped products in both metal and plastic.  It is particularly suited for short to medium runs.
North America
8 7 7 - 4 7 0 - 0 0 4 4
Outside North America
8 4 7 - 6 3 9 - 0 0 4 4