As a
custom manufacturer of
point-of-purchase displays
offers a wide range of processes in metal or plastic, lending itself to creative POP designs for eye-catching appearances in tradeshows or merchandising.  Whether we manufacture to your specs or ours, Meto-Grafics provides vast capabilities to create whatever the imagination has in store.  Meto-Grafics offers aesthic interplay of shapes, forms, and techniques so your advertising message will be impressively perceived.  Moreover, Meto-grafics will assist you through the designing phase of your project.
P  O  P   D  I  S  P  L  A  Y  S
h e a d e r s
d i s p l a y s
North America
8 7 7 - 4 7 0 - 0 0 4 4
Outside North America
8 4 7 - 6 3 9 - 0 0 4 4