About Meto-Grafics

about us
Since our founding in 1948
Meto-Grafics has invariably remained dedicated to the future.
Combined with our commitment to providing solid, proven, some would say “old-fashioned,” service and versatility, this dedication has allowed us to continually provide cutting-edge technological innovation, and products with a world-class, MIL-I-45208 quality rating.

Used for a wide array of applications, including diesel locomotives, commercial and industrial vehicles, commercial and military aircraft, medical equipment, food service equipment, high-tech electronics, the space shuttle, machine tools, zoos, shopping centers, commercial buildings and nuclear power plants; our instrument panels, nameplates, overlays, labels, decals, dials, scales and signage set the standards for the industry.

While we offer a variety of proven manufacturing processes, Meto-Grafics will always investigate and explore new and innovative combinations of processes to meet any unique challenge your job requires.
“old-fashioned” service
high-tech manufacturing
North America
8 7 7 - 4 7 0 - 0 0 4 4
Outside North America
8 4 7 - 6 3 9 - 0 0 4 4
“The fact that Meto-Grafics catches our design errors before they begin production of our parts, and that they provide outstanding delivery when our “backs are to the wall” makes Meto-Grafics one of our top suppliers.”

Robert Mason, VP Operations